Customer Service Team

The Customer Service team consists of Fees and Awards, Student Records and the Service Desk

Head of Customer Service      Nicole Holt      52042

The Customer Service team consists of two team; Fees and Awards which also incorporates the Academic Model team and Student Records which also encompasses the Service Desk team.

Fees and Awards

Bursaries      52513

Any queries relating to qualification of or payment of University bursaries e.g. Vice Chancellor's Scholarship, National Scholarship Programme, Country Bursary etc.

Tuition Fees     52513

Any queries relating to a tuition fee charge or query regarding the level of fees charged by the University. 


Name  Job Title  Phone No. Email Address
Barbara Eriksson Senior Information Officer 55524
Samantha Barrett Information Officer 55859
Sarah Donaldson Information Officer 50461
Marie Yu Information Officer 56933
Gina Connolly Information Assistant 54617
Maria Pavlakou Information Assistant 53947
Alison Thomson Information Assistant 53159

Student Records  

Certificates and Transcripts      55309

Any queries relating to original award certificates and academic transcripts for graduating students. 

Registration       55309

Any queries relating to registration for new and continuing students.  

Student Records      55309

Past and present queries relating to a student's academic study, student records or award documentation. 

Student Progress Reporting      55309

Provision of academic progress reports to student sponsors.

Graduation:      56270 / 52313

Any queries relating to a graduation event are dealt with by the Events Team.   55309

Any graduation queries relating to certificate and transcripts are dealt with by the Student Records Team. 


Name Job Title Phone No. Email Address
Paul Farrall Customer Service Manager 55090
Vicki Owen Customer Service Manager 55027
Linda Cawley Information Officer  52936
Adebola Adenusi Information Assistant 53140
Elaine Wilkins Information Assistant 54155
Ian Green Information Assistant 55458
Terry Rodgers Information Assistant 54388
Janice Read Information Assistant  52825

Service Desk

Queries       52587

Any queries relating to the availability of certificates and transcripts for collection or postage, the check-in process for International students and the production of ID cards for new students.


Name  Job Title  Phone No. Email Address
David Read Administration Assistant 52587
Tracy Cannon Administration Assistant 52587

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