Exams, Invigilators, External Examiners  


The Examination dates for the period 2013/14 have been set as follows:

  • Semester 1:    Monday 11th January 2016 - Friday 22nd January 2016 
  • Semester 2:   Monday 9th May 2016 - Friday 27th May 2016 
  • Resit Examinations:   Monday 22nd August 2016 - Friday 9th September 2016

Religious Observance

The University recognises that its academic year has historically been structured around the Christian calendar - like other UK institutions - and so the major Christian religious festivals occur during vacations and therefore are generally not affected by the examination schedule. While we strive to accommodate major religious festivals from all faiths in our planning, this is not always possible.

If you are affected by an exam scheduled on such an occasion, please complete the following Religious Observance form.

Overseas Resits

If your permanent residence is outside of the UK, or you are a student on an overseas placement, you acn apply to take resit examinations overseas. 

Applications to take resit overseas examinations in 2015/2016 are being confirmed and will be published soon.

Please see the resit examination dates above.



All invigilators MUST undergo the training which is on Blackboard at:

Community > Professional & Organisational Development > All Toolkits > Exam Invigilation

Please tick the Mark Reviewed button when you have completed the training as HR keep a record of all trained staff. This list is provided to the Logistics Team to ensure that only trained staff are carrying out invigilation duties. 


Examination Rules and Regulations

The University determines when examinations take place and students must attend examinations as required. Candidates for University examinations must read - and will be assumed to have read - the Exam Rules and Regulations which apply to all examinations conducted by the University. 

Out of Time Examinations

Some examinations do take place outside of the main examination periods. Please contact SA-Exams@salford.ac.uk for more details.