About Us 

The Fees and Awards Team deal with all processes and queries relating to tuition fees, exemptions, bursaries and scholarships. We also manage the Interruption and Withdrawal Process, along with the Cancellation of Candidature Process. The team work closely with internal and external stakeholders to help provide a seamless student journey. We constantly strive to streamline and improve our processes to enhance the student experience.

Our main responsibilities are:

  • Interruptions and Withdrawals - ensuring requests are processed in a timely manner and within the Academic Regulations. 

  • Cancellation of Candidature - managing the de-registration of students who fail to meet their financial obligations, working closely with external bodies, the schools, UKBA Compliance and Finance. 

  • Student Loans Company (SLC) – processing the  Attendance Confirmation Report (ACR) which enables the release of upwards of 44 million pounds of tuition fees’ revenue from SLC to the University; submitting daily ACR reports to ensure any changes to our students’ funding is actioned swiftly; confirmation of Registration to enable the release of maintenance funding to the student; processing Change of Circumstance forms to ensure SLC have the correct course and tuition fee information for a student. 

  • Tuition Fees - building and maintaining the tuition fees table to ensure students are charged the correct fees as agreed by the Fees Executive at Registration; managing rate codes; disbursement of bursaries to postgraduate students; amending tuition fees and ensuring the relevant information is cascaded to both internal and external bodies. FInd out more about tuition fees.

  • Bursaries and Scholarships - management and manual approval of a catalogue of undergraduate and postgraduate awards, working in line with the Universities Bursary and Scholarship Scheme Terms and Conditions, including the high profile National Scholarship Scheme Portal. 

  • Bursary Forecasts and Spending - providing monthly reports to the Finance Department to enable them to manage Bursary and Scholarship funds effectively. 

  • OFFA Figures - preparation and delivery of figures enables the collation and return of the OFFA report to the Office for Fair Access in line with Government regulations. This is used to gauge subsequent funding to the Institution and ensure the correct delivery of awards to students in line with OFFA guidelines. 

  • Functional Email Accounts - management of emails from both internal and external bodies. We aim to respond to these within 24 hours.

The Fees and Awards Team are based on the 2nd Floor of Humphrey Booth House and can be contacted by telephoning 0161 295 2513.

For tuition fee, withdrawal and interruption queries please email SA-Tuitionfees@salford.ac.uk. For bursary and scholarship queries please email SA-Bursaries@salford.ac.uk