The responsibilities of an International Student

Sponsored Tier 4 Students have a number of responsibilities that they must fully meet.  Failure to do so will mean the cancellation of their candidature at the University and the curtailment of their leave to remain in the UK.  These include (but not exhaustively):

  • All international student students must make their passports and visas or Biometric Residence Permits available to University staff within Student Administration for scanning.  All new international students will be required to show their passport and immigration permission in order to complete their Registration during ‘Check In’. Original certificates will also be checked during this process. View further information about Registration and Check In

  • All international students who subsequently obtain a new or replacement passport, or a new or replacement visa or Biometric Residence Permit must bring this documentation to the Service Desk in Humphrey Booth House for scanning. 

  • All international students must provide the University with a valid ATAS certificate where required for their course of study. 

  • Tier 4 sponsored students must keep the University informed of their UK contact details (i.e. address and telephone numbers). Students are expected to update their details via Self Service

  • All international students must ensure that they arrive in the UK and register on their course in good time (i.e. within the defined registration period).  If a sponsored student expects to be late for registration, e.g. due to flight or visa delay, they must contact the University straight away to confirm whether they will be accepted on to the course late before travelling to the UK. 

  • All Tier 4 sponsored students must only study the course for which they have been given immigration permission. If they change to a different course, which is shorter in length, they must advise the Home Office. The University will also be required to inform the Home Office of this change.  

  • All Tier 4 sponsored students must attend all lectures, seminars, tutorials and assessments and submit coursework as required in-line with the University’s attendance monitoring policy. All Schools will be monitoring student attendance and sponsored students will be asked to explain any temporary absences and provide any evidence (for example, due to illness).  Continued candidature, sponsorship and leave to remain in the UK will depend on this. 

  • All Tier 4 sponsored students must inform the University immediately if they intend to defer or suspend their studies, take any leave of absence or withdraw from their programme of study.  If they defer or suspend their studies then they will be required to leave the UK. 

  • All Tier 4 sponsored students must also comply with the conditions of their visa – for example, adhering to any restrictions on their right to work. 

  • All international students must also keep their immigration permission up to date and apply for a visa extension before their existing visa runs out (if required).  The University can support this visa extension application process via the ‘Batch Scheme’ operated by Student Life.

International students can be signposted to various sources of information should they ask you for any advice on visa or immigration issues:

The UK Council for International Student Affairs (UKCISA) also provides useful information for protecting a tier 4 student immigration status, which can be found at:

Student Administration, in conjunction with Student Life, has also produced some additional resources for international students.

It is important to note that immigration advice must only be given from a trained and qualified visa adviser based within Student Life.