An Introduction to Home Office Compliance

Home Office Compliance

The Home Office (formerly UKBA) currently operates a Points Based System (PBS) to control migration to the UK. Tier 4 of the immigration policy is what governs the admittance of international students to the UK for the purposes of full time study.

The University of Salford currently enjoys sponsor status with the Home Office.  As sponsor, the University must meet all duties under its licence in order to ensure UK immigration controls remain effective. The objectives of these duties are to:

  1. Prevent abuse of the visa assessment procedures;
  2. Capture quickly any patterns of migrant behaviour that may cause concern;
  3. Address possible weaknesses in process that can cause such patterns; and
  4. Monitor compliance with immigration rules.

Since the implementation of the Points Based System the immigration rules and the Tier 4 Policy Guidance under which the University must operate has changed quite dramatically and continues to change with considerable frequency.  As a result the requirements on the University to play their part in ensuring that the immigration system is not abused continues to increase.

The University will lose its Tier 4 sponsor licence entirely if its sponsor status cannot be maintained during licence renewal - applications for sponsor status must be made by universities on an annual basis. The Home Office has the right to audit the University at any given time. The Home Office currently aim to see every institution within a 12 month cycle in one format or another.

Should the University not fully comply with its duties as a sponsor, the licence could be revoked and as a result , the University would be prevented from recruiting and teaching international students. In light of this it is essential that the University retains its sponsor licence.