Attendance Monitoring of Tier 4 Sponsored Students

In order to maintain the continued assurance of its Tier 4 Sponsor status with the Home Office, the University must monitor each Tier 4 sponsored student’s attendance and report any unauthorised absences to the Home Office. Students missing a set number of expected interactions without authorisation will be withdrawn from their programme of study and reported to the Home Office within ten working days.

In conjunction with the University's Participation Policy, a rigorous Home Office Attendance Monitoring procedure has been implemented from September 2012.

The Home Office Attendance Monitoring procedure can be accessed by all University staff. The pages are password protected for compliance purposes and should not be shared with students.

To assist staff in understanding the regulations surrounding attendance monitoring, a number of frequently asked questions are also provided. Should you not find the answer to a question you have, or require the password for the link above, please email