Programmes and Modules    

Setting Up or Changing Modules and Programmes

New/changed modules and programmes must be approved by the following:

The Academic Model Team are then responsible for setting them up on Banner initially as they are given outline approval by APPC. The team then set them up fully when they have received detailed approval by the College Partnerships and Programme Approval and Review Committee (CPPARC).


The Progression Activities and Deadlines details the deadlines for maintaining programme and module information and also how they tie in with academic timetabling.

You will also see from this schedule that you need to confirm your programme structures for 2014-15 by 7 March 2014. This ensures that the correct CRNs are attached to programmes before module enrolment takes place. E.g. you may be running a module in semester 2 next year which it is taking place in semester 1 this year. You should use BiQuery CS131 in the Registration model to check the current structure for your programmes.

If you have any queries relating to programme codes, programme length and UCAS codes, each School can obtain this information by running the BiQuery report - CSA5 which can be found in the Registration model. 

Central repository for programme & module specifications

A central repository is available for all programme and module specifications. In the past, definitive versions of programme and module specifications were held locally at either school or college level and approaches to version control varied greatly across the University. This created a lack of clarity around which specifications were current and made the tracking and retrieval of specifications extremely difficult.

The Programme and Module Specification Repository is now available. This easy to use system is a central area for all programme and module specifications. It will facilitate a consistent approach and will ensure that specifications are up to date and accurate.

Programmes and modules will continue to be approved in the normal way. The Quality and Enhancement Office (QEO) will be responsible for uploading and maintaining specifications in the Programme and Module Specification Repository. If you have any queries, please contact your QEO team as follows:

The Repository is also available through Blackboard in the ‘Staff Resources’ tab.

To assist you in using the system, a user guide and eLearning tutorial are available in Blackboard. To access the materials, simply log into Blackboard > click on Professional & Organisational Staff Development > on the left hand side of the screen, click on Student Administration > scroll down the screen and click on the Data Maintenance toolkit > finally click on the Programme and Module Specification Catalogue (Repository) toolkit.

Please note that the repository is currently only compatible with Microsoft Internet Explorer browsers.