Reporting Sickness Absence 

The procedure for Student Administration and Student Life staff reporting sickness absence is as follows:

  • Day 1 Call the Directorate Support Office by 9am
  • You will need ti complete a Self-Certificate of Personal Sickness / Incapacity for Work form, to cover periods of sickness absence of one to seven days. You must ensure that this completed and returned to the Directorate Support Office. It is your own responsibility to inform the Directorate Support Office and your line manager of your return to work. This paperwork will be scanned to payroll to ensure the correct adjustments are made to your salary.  
  • Day 8 You will need to provide a Doctor's Note when returning to work.
  • Your line manager will invite you to attend a 'Return to Work' interview, details of which can be found in the University's Sickness Absence Procedure
  • Together with Human Resources, your line manager is now required to monitor staff sickness absence more closely and various indicators or trigger points have been identified as requiring further action:

            ·    3 periods of absence within a 4 month period

            ·    6 periods of absence within a 12 month period

            ·    A total of more than 12 days within a 12 month period

            ·    Unacceptable patterns or trends

            ·    Failure to follow the notification procedure

            ·    A continuous absence of 4 weeks or more.

The above trigger points have different actions for line managers to follow.  Further details can be found in the University's Sickness Absence Procedure.

If you have any questions regarding the above policies, you can contact Human Resources.

Last updated January 2016