About Us – The Home Office Compliance Team

The Home Office Compliance Team was established in March 2013 to take on the work that the former “UKBA Task Force” had been undertaking previously.

As you may or may not be aware the University of Salford currently holds a Tier 4 Sponsor licence. In order to achieve this status and maintain it, we as a University have certain procedures and regulations that must be adhered to. In the Home Office Compliance Team it is part of our roles to make sure that all Home Office regulations are being met not only by the University but also by our students.

Our daily jobs include a wide range of operational work such as reporting student activities, including changes in their circumstances and the issuing of CAS numbers for extending and existing students. We report any changes to the Home Office via their Sponsor Management System (SMS).  In addition we meet face to face with students where concerns surrounding their compliance with Home Office regulations has been raised and communicated to us.

The Home Office Compliance Team regularly runs reports to follow up with International students who are at risk of not adhering to the regulations. Using our reporting tools we run the following reports and check the following statuses of our students:

These reports are run as the Home Office policy states in their Tier 4 Guidance for sponsors that we must hold copies of all of the above and it is therefore essential we have this information to not only protect the University but also the students immigration status.

We are also responsible for providing advice on and refining existing policies in relation to Home Office guidance.  
In the past 12 months the Home Office Compliance Team has worked closely with both the International Conversion team and the Student Administration team to work on their procedures to make them more in line with Home Office regulations. This has been shown recently in our work with International Check-in and the new process that is now being followed and also the Confirmation of Acceptance to Study (CAS) request forms for when a student needs a new CAS number to apply for a new tier 4 visa.

The Home Office Compliance Team provide advice in relation to our international students’ ability to study on their current visa in-line with the University’s academic regulations and the Home Office’s Tier 4 sponsor guidance. However they do not offer an immigration advice service for students or staff. Any immigration specific queries should be directed towards Student Life.