Working Hours

The University offers flexi time and TOIL in additional to your annual leave allowance. This enables staff to have the opportunity for a greater integration, of personal and working responsibilities. 

Annual Leave

Electronic Leave cards must e-mailed to the Directorate Support Office team as soon a period of leave has been approved by your line manager. The Directorate Support Office will record your annual leave on SAP. 

It is important that your annual leave is recorded on SAP as you book it to ensure that you do not take more leave than your entitlement therefore please ensure that you do not forget to e-mail you electronic leave card.

Entitlement to annual leave is pro-rata based on the number of hours worked and the number of days worked each week. If you are contracted to work half days and request annual leave on one of these days, a full days leave will be recorded on SAP. This is because a 'full day' of work comprises of the number of hours to which you are contracted.

Annual Leave entitlements depend on the job category and years of service.

The annual leave year runs from 1st October to 30th September each year. Up to 5 days annual leave can be carried over to the following year, subject to your managers approval, however this must be used by 31st December. If they are not used by 31 December, they will be forfit.

Overtime (including Flexi and TOIL)

The Overtime Policy (including Flexi and TOIL) outlines how you can take authorised time off work and also if you are entitled to build up time when working over your weekly office hours. TOIL cards should only be passed to the Administration team when you are taking the time and not when you have accumulated it. Once signed by your line manager, the time off can be added to your SAP profile and your card can be collected from the Administration team.

The Timesheet Template, for staff using flexi-time, needs to be completed and authorised every week detailing the hours worked.

Working from Home

Working from home may be agreed in exceptional circumstances. The primary place of work for all members of staff is the University itself.  From time to time however, there may be circumstances whereby the Director of Student Administration may authorise a limited period of working time to be undertaken at home.

This should only be agreed in exceptional circumstances when the type of work to be undertaken can effectively be done from home.  As an example, there may be a piece of work requiring concentration that needs to be undertaken and where there is no suitably quiet place (free from interruption) available.  Homeworking should not prevent the provision of adequate office cover throughout normal office hours.

If you wish to request time to work from home, this must be approved by your line manager first and then a request must be made to the Director of Student Administration with at least 48 hours notice.  If agreed, you must then inform the Directorate Support Office who will maintain records of any home working.

If you have any questions regarding the above policies, you can contact us by or calling 55062.